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Helping women find passion

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better version of themselves through health & wealth.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Mary Boguhn. I am a Certified Health Coach and Entrepreneur.

I have more than 20 years of experience combined in Health, Wellness and Business Management.

I found my passion and purpose by

helping women become a better version of themselves through both health and wealth. I look forward to hearing about your goals!

Hello Friends!

I'm so glad you're here and excited to tell you more about what I do and see if it's a fit for you. I'm always looking for positive, excited, motivated team players who want to change their life, not just financially but by creating their life by design.

When this business found me, I wasn't looking for something like this. I was, however, trying to bring in extra money, by working part time around the schedules of everyone else (which was really hard to do!) We had what we needed financially to raise our kids and keep a roof over our head plus a little extras, but I needed to feel like I had a purpose outside of my family, that I was still my own person, and quite frankly I needed the social aspect of it too.

I started drinking ketones for energy and improve my sleep. Little did I know my joint mobility would improve, the brain fog would lift and I would actually drop the extra fat I put on due to stress. I started with the 10 Day Drink Ketones Challenge and lost 4.8 lbs in that 10 days!

I was amazed. I felt the best I had felt in a quite some time.

On this journey, I have learned so much about myself, and I have truly found the vehicle to help share this with the world and help others too. It has allowed me the freedom to be with my children, to not miss their special moments, and not be held back by not being able to do things like go out to dinner once a week or take a trip with the family somewhere incredible.

What began as a desire for BETTER and MORE in my own life and health has now turned into an even greater desire to help other people become the best version of themselves too and create their life by their design. Whether you want to make a couple hundred dollars a month extra or lifestyle/legacy income, we have the experience and tools to support you in all of your goals with this!

If reading this lights something up inside of you, click below and let's jump on a quick phone call or even text me!

Not sure if you're ready yet? That's Ok!

I have to admit, when I started I really didn't have any big crazy plans or expectations. I mean let's face it, I had no network, little social media knowledge, and no sales and marketing skills!

If you're having any of those thoughts, allow me to remove that worry from your mind! We have a simple proven system that WORKS when it comes to building a business sharing the good word of ketones.

There’s a place for you whether you’re just looking for a little side hustle, or you’re looking to build a big income and a system to support you.


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Now more than ever people are looking for ways to pay bills, support their families, and build wealth. Be your own boss in the pockets of your day! You work remotely when you want and where you want.


Woman Using Laptop at Home

You will have access to systems that work and trainings that will show you exactly what to do. New team members are mentored and supported as they learn the proven methods that will launch their business.


Your future

We are leading the way within the industry with a cutting edge technology that has only scratched the surface of possibilities. This product willl create a mass impact on your family, friends, and those you choose to share it with.

Find Your Passion & Purpose!

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Mary Boguhn

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